Release the harsh and pointed inner voice. It's just a throwback to the past, and holds no truth about this moment.
Let go of self-judgment, the old, learned ways of beating yourself up for each imagined inadequacy.
Allow the dialogue within the mind to grow friendlier, and quiet. Shift out of inner criticism and life suddenly looks very different.
I can say this only because I make the choice a hundred times a day to release the voice that refuses to acknowledge the real me.
What's needed here isn't more prodding toward perfection, but intimacy- seeing clearly, and embracing what I see.
Love, not judgment, sows the seeds of tranquility and change.
-Danna Faulds




I struggled almost my entire life with body image and food. At a young age, I learned to not trust myself. I felt threatened by my own impulses to eat so I learned to believe that something was wrong with me. I felt like I walked around with a cloud hanging over my head. Never really letting myself experience true peace and happiness because I "didn't deserve it." I got caught in the trap of my learned behavior of negative thinking and ran the same loop through my head over and over again. It wasn't until I started the healing process by discovering yoga and holistic nutrition that I was finally able to develop a newfound, loving relationship with myself. Eating healthy and exercising is only one portion of the puzzle. I learned to bring attention to every area of my life like, my thoughts, my career path, my relationships, in order to feel happy and fulfilled. We can't just focus on one puzzle piece and expect the rest to come together itself. 

Imagine what it would feel like to not only like yourself but to love yourself? Making choices from a place of love is an amazing feeling. This is available to you right now. I will help clear the roadblocks that are preventing you from truly loving yourself and making the healthy choices that will empower you. What we eat, how we feel, and what we think are all so closely intertwined. 

Let's work together to rediscover your healthiest you. 




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